16 Ideas For Addressing Violence Against Women in the Context Of The HIV Epidemic. 2016

Published by UNAIDS

 The programming tool provides evidence-summaries for 16 programming approaches for preventing and responding to violence against women in the context of the HIV epidemic.

The tool is aimed at

  • policy-makers;
  • managers of national HIV programmes from relevant line ministries;
  • donors;
  • national and international nongovernmental organizations and community-based organizations;
  • UN agencies and programmes;and
  • institutions conducting intervention research and providing technical support for violence against women and HIV programmes.

Four areas where changes needs to happen

  • empowerment of women through integrated, multi-sectoral approaches;
  • transforming social and cultural norms related to gender;
  • integrating violence against women and HIV services; and
  • promoting and implementing laws and policies related to violence against women, gender equality and HIV

A key feature of this tool is an inter-active programming wheel that summarizes the 16 ideas and the core values that must guide all programming on violence against women.

You can access this resource here

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