CCoH Facilitators Training, Mazenod 03-09 December 2017




CABSA have completed a second training for the Fields Band Foundation focusing on the branches in the Free State. While this was not the top leadership like the first group, the issues discussed was very real and emotions raw in some of the activities.

With the skills and talent that the Field Band Foundation bring we were once again spoilt with some good life music on the special evening, which have become a tradition on the Wednesday night of the training. It is amazing to see the talent that we have in South Africa and most of these musicians are from poor areas.

At CABSA, we are privilege to be part of the development of these young men and women. Not only are they being upskilled by the Field Band, but as CABSA, we were afforded the opportunity to also change their attitude regarding people living with HIV and to look after their own sexual wellbeing.

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