Global Review Panel Report on the Multi Stakeholder Virtual Consultation. 15/2/2017

Published by UNAIDS

The Global Review Panel on the future of the UNAIDS Joint Programme model is tasked with formulating recommendations on how to make UNAIDS sustainable and fit-for-purpose. It focuses on refining and reinforcing 'how' UNAIDS works so it ca better support countries to achieve their global commitments and end AIDS. The Panel Co-Chairs held a virtual stakeholder consultation between 30 Jannuary and 15 February to engage as many stakeholders as possible in the Global Review Panel's work. The consultation was open to everyone, invoting participants to respond to questions on fundamental pillars of the Joint Programme, along with space for general discussion. The consultation received over 400 comments, in six languages and from every UNAIDS region.

You can acces the report here

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