A Practical Guide to Implementing Community-Based HIV-Prevention Services. 9/7/2017

Published by SUN

This guide is the result of collaboration between individuals from different organizations and in their personal capacity, who, over many months, have generously given of their time, shared their practical knowledge, expertise and narratives. The authors acknowledge the meaningful input received from academics, researchers, healthcare workers, community members, program managers, and many personnel who support health-service delivery (data, quality assurance, human resources, health and safety, training, operations and logistics). A very special ’thank you’ in particular to the healthcare workers and their clients, who allowed us to photograph them, and whose stories and pictures have made this practical guide far richer and more stimulating than it may otherwise have been (we have changed many of the names to maintain confidentiality).

This guide would not have been possible without the peer reviewers, who provided technical input and helpful suggestions to the authors. We hugely appreciate our professional working relationship with the government health services and many not-for-profit organizations and acknowledge their contribution to this document. We extend huge gratitude to Ronelia Julius for her strong administration skills and all her hard work behind the scenes.

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