South African Health Review 2017. 20th Edition. 28/8/2017

Published by HST

The South African Health Review (SAHR) is now widely recognised as one of the most authoritative sources of commentary on the South African  health  system.  It  is  widely  used  in  teaching  public  health at  undergraduate  and  postgraduate  level  in  South  Africa,  and  it  is  used  by  scholars,  donors,  journalists,  policymakers  and  policy-implementers at various levels of the health system.

The initial edition of the SAHR was based on commissioned chapters relating to the most important health policies, reforms and priorities of  the  time.  The  chapters  were  reviewed  first  by  an  independent  reviewer  and  the  overall  composite  edition  was  reviewed  by  a  committee.  To  a  great  extent,  this  initial  publication  created  the  framework  for  subsequent  editions.  However,  there  have  been  a  number  of  important  changes  and  improvements  over  the  20  editions.

There has been a move away from commissioned articles to an open request to all authors writing on themes pertinent to the health system in  South  Africa.  The  process of peer review  has  been  improved,  with  at  least  two  independent  reviewers  assigned to each  article, as well as comment from an editorial advisory committee. In 2014, the SAHR was  accredited  as  a  peer-reviewed  publication  by  the  Department of Higher Education and Training. This has raised the profile  of  the  SAHR and  offers  a  particular  incentive to academic contributors,  as peer-reviewed  publications  are  one  of  their  key performance  areas,  and  they  can  receive  subsidy  allocations for their contributions.

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