Storytelling for Fundraising. 2/2017


Stories are powerful tools that define human development, culture and traditions. They have the ability to engage, motivate and inculcate positive attitude in people. It is for this reason that kids are introduced to stories right from an early stage. Stories are an effective communication tool that is liked by people of all ages.

Over the years storytelling has transformed considerably and has evolved as an important tool in content based marketing. No matter what product or service a company offers, their primary concern is to develop humane stories that have an instant connect with people. You might have observed that most advertisements on Television, Internet and Newspapers are build around human characters, which helps us to associate ourselves with them.

As an NGO professional you might be confused, so as to what are you supposed to do with stories and storytelling? You are no script writer, author or a content development company, that you need to write stories. To a certain extent you are right, because as an NGO your primary work is to help people and not write stories. But is that all!! Don’t you think you should share and publish your success stories, so that people know what your organization does?  Don’t you want more people to connect to your cause? Remember that as long as your organization deals with people (donors, project staff, beneficiaries) you need stories.

Storytelling may sound easy but one should understand that it is an art that can be perfected only with practice and hard work.  Using the tips and guidelines in this guide, you will soon master the art of storytelling.  This guide will provide you with all the necessary fuel required for writing effective and viral stories.

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