Peer Educators Training

Five Day HIV Peer Educator training:

The purpose of this training is to equip Peer Educators and Community workers with a thorough understanding of the most essential HIV and AIDS related facts and topics. This training includes an element of assessment and participants will be assisted and coached to also share HIV related information with others.

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Peer Education for Young women, Maranatha Retreat, March 2017


In response to recent research: "In sub-Saharan Africa, of which South Africa forms part of, there are about 8,600 new HIV infections among adolescent girls and young women every week." 1.…/…/gfo/304/English/GFO-Issue-304.pdf  CABSA therefore decided to address this by having a peer education training for young women between the ages of 18-24 years.

The peer education training was thought provoking on both training team and participants as the challenges are real for this age group. Their worldview was challenged throughout the training regarding people living with HIV. Condoms was also quite interesting for this all female group, as some have not heard of the female condom before.

Here are some random comments from the participants:

  • “I was especially blessed to see how scripture became so relevant to our everyday life through the guiding principles”
  • “I have grown to understand the pain people go through because of stigma.”
  • “I now understand HIV better especially ARV’s.”
  • “The highlight was to learn how HIV is transmitted and how to use the condoms and even how to check them."
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Peer Educator's Training - Lion Sands. 22-26 March 2018

CABSA had the privilege to present the Peer Educators Training to a small group of very passionate staff members of the Lion Sands in the Sabi Sands game reserve in March. The staff members represented different lodges if the organisation.

Mini, Nonceba and Lyn travelled from Johannesburg and thoroughly enjoyed this unusual work environment! It was full days of very passionate involvement in the subject matter, but an extra bonus to see elephants while having your meal, or have a hyena sniffing at the classroom door!

On a more serious note, the participants shared many concerning stories of myths and misinformation that are still very prevalent locally and it is clear what a serious effect HIV still has in their communities. Their passion to make a difference was very clear throughout the training, and some participants even delayed going on leave in order to complete the course.Participants committed to being sources of accurate information in their workplace and their community and shared that their "eyes were opened".  One of the participants also said this training was more than just a training, but a time of emotional and spiritual healing. Many of them reported on the change in attitude brought about by better knowledge and understanding. Someone said that their colleagues were very inquisitive about the training and kept asking what it was about and what they learnt about HIV. " I answered them that we are not just learning about HIV, we are learning about life!"

The enthusiastic Peer Educators are very thankful for the investment the organisation made and are determined that this investment will bring change in the workplace, but also in their own lives, their families and in the communities where they come from!



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Peer Educators Training, Van Wyksvlei URCSA, 18-22 March 2019

      CABSA in partnership with Cape Empowerment Trust and Community Chest was able to do a Girls2Women2Boys Peer Education Training,

                                                        that was held at the URCSA Van Wyksvlei in Wellington.


The focus was to empower, especially young women between the ages of 15 to 20 years old as they form part of an age group that is most vulnerable to new HIV infections.

With HIV forming part of the school curriculum in South Africa, one seem to get the feeling that the head knowledge and everyday life does not always coincide. The CABSA Peer Educators curriculum is focused on making this information practical for everybody to understand. One participant said that this training is like receiving an income (knowledge) that can now be spend on enriching lives.

We want to thank the Cape Empowerment Trust and the Community Chest for enabling CABSA to deliver a vital empowerment strategy through our Peer Education Training.

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