Community-Based HIV Prevention Spending Reaps Huge Savings. 17/07/2015

Published at AidsMeds
9 July 2015

Investing in community-based HIV prevention programs translates to a five-fold savings in avoided costs associated with treating the virus, according to a study of such programs in Ontario, Canada. Publishing their findings in AIDS and Behavior, researchers analyzed HIV infection rates and health care spending in Ontario between 1987 and 2011.

Community-based HIV prevention programs have prevented more than 16,000 HIV infections in Ontario over the past 25 years, saving the province’s health care system some 6.5 billion Canadian dollars. The estimated lifetime HIV treatment cost in Canada is about CA$287,000.

The researchers found that spending CA$1 on community-based prevention saves CA$5 in treatment costs.

To read a press release about the study, click here.

To read the study abstract, click here.

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