Resource Mobilization I-Kit is live. 01/10/2015

Published at Campaign Archive

The Health Communication Capacity Collaborative is pleased to announce the launch of its latest Implementation Kit (I-Kit), focused on Resource Mobilization.

Resource mobilization refers to all activities involved in securing new and additional financial, human and material resources for your organization, as well as making better use of, and maximizing, existing resources.

This I-Kit was created to guide organizations that seek to broaden their funding base to reflect a hybrid of revenue streams including fees from clients, funding from donors, corporate sponsors, public sector subsidies, charitable contributions and other funding or investment mechanisms. This will allow for a diversification of risk and not threaten the effective implementation of critical programs that improve the lives of their beneficiaries.

Taking you through each step of the resource mobilization process, this I-Kit describes the fundamental elements of a strategic plan as the source of new business opportunities, to the detailed phases of drafting a proposal for a donor, writing a business plan and preparing some smaller business development documents, such as a business opportunity brief.

Access the Resource Mobilization I-Kit here.

Questions? Please contact Eliana Monteforte or Judy Seltzer.

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