Supporting Community Based Responses To Aids: A Guidance Tool for Including Community Systems Strengthening (CSS) In Global Fund Proposals. (UNAIDS)

This document seeks to increase understanding about the benefits CSS can bring at national, district and local levels, and to support advocacy and technical support efforts around CSS.  It suggests ways to implement CSS and provides practical guidance on developing proposals for CSS for the Global Fund, which is now actively seeking to support such activities.   Most notably the guidance document aims to: 
- Define CSS in its broader context as well as how it relates to the three core priority areas of funding emphasized by the Global Fund.
 - Highlight/emphasize the role of relevant partners and how they can increase demand for CSS.
 - Identify the specific capacity-building activities for CSS, as well as beneficiaries and recipients.
 - Outline mechanisms to assess community-level needs or to conduct rapid CSS assessments with example templates as well as “dos and don’ts” for conducting community consultations.
 - Suggest indicators to better monitor CSS activities.
 Intended audience: Stakeholders likely to benefit from this guidance include staff in UNAIDS Country Offices and members of key affected populations, as well as civil society organizations, networks of people living with HIV, international and national nongovernmental organizations, academia, faith-based organizations and technical partners. 
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