HIV Still Poses Uncomfortable Questions For The Churches — And All Of Us. 18/03/2016

Published at Oikoumene

17 March 2016

Almost forty years after the advent of HIV and AIDS, people around the world living with HIV still endure assaults on their dignity and basic human rights—from stigma and discrimination to denial of legal protection and even medical care.

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UNAIDS Sets Distressing Precedent With Weak Messaging Before High Level Meeting On HIV. 11/03/2016

Published at UNAIDS

8 March 2016

Your tenure at UNAIDS has been marked by remarkable leadership in the global fight against AIDS, particularly the courageous way you have promoted rights-based HIV strategies for vulnerable groups and key populations, efficient management of HIV funds, and greater awareness of the benefits of HIV treatment.

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Don’t ‘Lapse Into Complacency’ Over News Of Promising HIV Prophylactic: DA. 08/03/2016

Published at Timeslive

7 March 2016

The Democratic Alliance’s health spokesperson‚ Dr Wilmot James‚ said it is “mightily encouraged” that the “first clinical trials to test the efficacy and safety” will be done in South Africa.

But‚ he cautioned: “It is important to state that this is a pre-vaccine which we are hopeful will yield a vaccine that will go a long way to preventing HIV in the long run.”

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Sunday School Teachers, Chaplains In West Africa Attend Workshop On HIV Prevention. 04/03/2016

Published at Oikoumene

3 March 2016

Preventing HIV, particularly among adolescents and youth, was the focus of a two-day meeting for 25 Sunday school teachers and chaplains from the Methodist Church of Togo, Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Togo, Assemblies of God, Baptist Convention and Pentecostal Church.

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