Year A (2010-2011)
Bible Book: Proverbs / Spreuke
Chapter: 31
Verse: 10
Verse (to): 31

Text: Proverbs 31:10-31

I often find that the woman of worth so energetically described in Proverbs 31, occupies my mind.Who was she?What were her circumstances?What made her into such an exceptional woman that her praises are forever preserved in the Bible?

Chances are good that her circumstances were far from perfect.Certainly she did not enjoy a lot of freedom.The phrase “she is worth far more than rubies” that looks so innocent to us, actually means that she had been bought.A bride price was paid for her.And her purchase price was high.She had to deliver.

Yes, that is why the woman of worth keeps haunting my mind.She lived under dehumanising circumstances.Her worth was calculated in terms of the economic output she generated for her husband.

However, reading between the lines, this woman for me has a worthiness of her own.She not only serves her husband as was expected from her, but has chosen to actively reach out to the poor and marginalised who crossed her path, and to extend this worthiness even to those who had to serve her.

Reflecting about this woman of worth makes me happy.Her circumstances are far from perfect, and yet she lives within these borders with dignity and worthiness – actively extending her energy to other people.

There live amongst us many people who are affected by HIV and AIDS.Sometimes they feel that this has robbed them of their worthiness.This can never be.God has created every person with an inherent worthiness and dignity that can never be taken from them, by nothing and by nobody.

Not only can all people affected by HIV and AIDS live the lives of people of worth, they also need to be agents in society.They simply may not be passive.They need to influence people and change the heart of society.They need to engage in their everyday lives as people who have a contribution to make, a huge and worthy one.

Because of God, every person on earth is worth far more than rubies.


Author: Landman C (Prof)
Language: English