Submitted by Jan on Tue, 31/12/2013 – 19:10
Year A (2013-2014)
Bible Book: John / Johannes
Chapter: 1
Verse: 1 – 18

This Sunday is the day before the feast of Epiphany, celebrated by many churches on the 6th day of January. The tradition celebrates the visit of the Magi or Wise Men as the event which first identified Jesus as the Son of God, especially to the Gentiles.

Some churches celebrate a season of Epiphany, from Christmas to Ash Wednesday, highlighting that all of Jesus’ life on earth was part of the “epiphany”, the “manifestation” or “striking appearance” of God in human form.

It is therefore appropriate that all the readings for this week focus on joy, celebration, thankfulness and acknowledging the blessings of God.

Once again the translation in the Message strikes me as if I have never read the text before:

Joh 1:16 “We all live off his generous bounty, gift after gift after gift.” (The Message)

In this time between Christmas and Epiphany, I would like to reflect on the gift after gift after gift I received and continue to receive, but most of all I would like to reflect in gratitude on the God who “became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood.” Joh 1:14 (The Message)

May the year ahead be filled with His blessings and His presence in your neighbourhood!

Written by: Lyn van Rooyen, CABSA Director

Author: van Rooyen L (Ms)
Language: English