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Bible Book: Hebrews / Hebreers
Chapter: 10
Verse: 11 – 14

[Lectionary readings (Lesson 2) November 15, 2009, Proper 28: Revised Common (Hebrews 10:11-14); Roman Catholic (Hebrews 10:11-14, 18) and Episcopal (Hebrews 10:31-39)]

Recently I have been forced by circumstances to do a bit of reading on project proposals and related stuff. Writers on the subject put the emphasis on key issues that should never be missing in any project proposal. These include the purpose of the project, expected completion date, what should be achieved by that time, etc. Based on this, I see Hebrews 10:11-14 presenting examples of two different projects.

The first project is found in verse 11. Based on what I have read, this project would not get past the hands of an evaluator. There is no indication of progression. The priests stand there, day by day … offering the same sacrifices. As if this was not enough, the sacrifices do not achieve the intended purpose … can never take away sins. It is clear that, regardless of how long it takes the priests to offer the sacrifices, their work is in vain. Nothing is going to change. Projects should aim at changing situations for the better. The project in verse 11 is therefore a non starter. No resource provider would buy into this project.

We find the second project in verses 12–14. In this project the Priest makes one sacrifice only, and the intended purpose of taking away sins is accomplished and forever! What a project! We are all involved in routine activities one way or another. Imagine if we were able to do such things once and know that they are forever. To prove that the Priest is through with the activity, He sits down at the most treasured and reserved place – the right hand of God. A deserved place for a conqueror.

The other thing which is crucial in projects is the impact. Every project aims at having the most impact ever achieved. Verse 13 shows that the work of the Priest has an impact on everyone, including His enemies. The battle is already won. It is just a question of time; the enemies will surrender.

In a royal family, a child who is born in the line of succession is born a king/queen although not crowned on the day they are born. Christ’s offering has already made believers perfect. If one believes in Christ, suffering or problems will not change their status. It is a process of purification. Believers should be rejoicing, for they are heirs to the throne.
To think about or discuss: Can the destiny of a believer in Christ be affected by being infected by HIV?

Author: L Khanyanga
Language: English