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Bible Book: 1 John / 1 Johannes
Chapter: 1 – 2
1 John 1:1-2

In this passage from Scripture there are various contrasts, for example: light versus darkness and truth versus lies. Once you start to accentuate contrasts, you soon think in black and white, without nuances. It is significant, however, that this author writes very nuanced. Just read what he says about sin.

Each reference to sin from 1:6 to 2:2 has its own nuance. To this writer, there are important differences between a single sinful deed, sins that are confessed, sins that are denied and sins that are repeated, to mention a few examples.

But the way that communities and even congregations react to HIV and AIDS reveal another attitude towards sin. Questions that play an important role here are, e.g. “What sin have you committed?” and “Is the sin you have committed known?” Behind these questions may lay the notion that some sins are more serious than others and “serious sins” that become known and place our relatives in a weak light, are the ultimate (and unforgivable) sins. Add to this the fact that the handling of these “sinners” is often accompanied by judgement and rejection (stigmatization), and it becomes clear how far removed this situation is from the message of our reading.

1 John 1:1-2:2 describes the life of people who live in the light of the cross and resurrection of Christ. There is fellowship(1:3,7), joy (1:4), truth (1:6), confession (1:9), forgiveness (1:9), cleansing (1:7,9), intercession (2:1) and reconciliation (2:2). Because Christ is the atonement for our sins, we are able to live in fellowship with God and with redeemed sinners (1:3).

Author: N du Toit (Ds)
Language: English