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CABSA’s 20th Anniversary Extreme Cold Water Charity Swim

Personal Message

On the 15th of May 2021, I will attempt an extreme sea swim event of 10.5km from Milnerton Lighthouse to Big Bay Lifesaving Club in Bloubergstrand, Western Cape, South Africa. I will be swimming without a wetsuit in icy water ranging between 11 – 14 degrees Celsius. As this is an organised event, I will have a lifesaver within close range.


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I am attempting this swim to raise funds for CABSA (Christian AIDS Bureau of SA). In my professional capacity, I assist CABSA with proposal writing submissions in order to generate funds for the non-profit organisation (NPO). The last 12 months have been very challenging due to the fact that many funders supporting HIV, had to decrease their grants and/or started to prioritise Covid related needs. It is also CABSA’s 20th anniversary and I would really like to promote this NPO by doing something that stands out!

In doing this crazy swim, my aim is to encourage at least 20 individuals to donate at least R250/10 individuals to donate at least R500 to CABSA. This will be but a small drop in the bucket, but will assist CABSA in training peer educators in marginalised communities on how to deal with the challenges that HIV presents on health, well-being, dealing with stigma and gender-based violence.


May 11, 2021  R 200.00
“You Go, Tannie Anneke!! Tihanna” – Tihanna

May 04, 2021  R 500.00
“Sterkte. Trots op jou.” – Karen



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May 10, 2021  R 500.00
“Thank you for this amazing gift, Anneke!” – Aneleh

May 10, 2021  R 250.00
“The world needs more people of Anneke’s ilk.” – Peter & Heather

May 10, 2021  R 500.00
“You’re a brave girl, you rock!!!” – Leon Du Plessis

May 07, 2021  R 500.00
“Sterkte CABSA en dankie Anneke! ” – Lyn

May 07, 2021  R 300.00
“Good luck” – Anonymous

May 07, 2021  USD $ 113.48
“thank you!” – Anonymous

May 07, 2021  R 500.00
“Congratulations, CABSA! ” – Logy

May 06, 2021  R 400.00
“Wonderlike inisiatief!” – HAdP

May 05, 2021  R 500.00
“Vasbyt! Weet jy kan dit vir CABSA doen!” – Anlen

May 04, 2021  R 2 000.00
“Go Anneke, sterkte, ons is trots op jou.” – STEPHAN LAUBSCHER

May 04, 2021  R 500.00
“Sterkte. Trots op jou.” – Karen

May 04, 2021  R 1 000.00
“Anneke swem veilig met ‘n “song” in jou siel” – Mariana

May 04, 2021  R 200.00
“Good luck!” – Maya