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Year C (2009-2010)
Bible Book: John / Johannes
Chapter: 2
Verse: 1 – 11

What did the disciples observe about Jesus at this wedding? Was it the miracle of changing water into wine? Probably not, for we do not read that they actually witnessed the miracle. The people that might have witnessed something were the servants, whom Jesus instructed to fill the jars and to draw some and take it to the steward (v 7 & 8).

What the disciples observed was that Jesus saved the bridegroom from the embarrassment of too little wine. Without enough wine, the feast would have stopped too early. But now there was enough good wine and the celebration could continue. According to custom, this would have been a feast of happiness and laughter lasting a number of days. With Jesus in their midst the guests were able to continue celebrating marriage and life.

In verse 11 John wrote that this incident was Jesus’ first miraculous sign. And with this sign Jesus manifested his glory. When Jesus restored the wedding feast, his glory was manifested. His disciples perceived something of this and believed in Him.

“The glory of God”, said St Irenaeus of Lyons, “is a human being fully alive.”

There are several references to Jesus’ glory in this Gospel. It is important to remember that although this first manifestation of Jesus’ glory at the wedding feast emphasised the celebration of marriage and life, other references to the glory of Jesus emphasised his death on the cross (cf 12:23-24 & 13:31).

We are fortunate to discover the glory of Jesus in his life as well as in his suffering.

To think about or discuss: Can John’s view of the glory of Jesus helps us in how we deal with HIV and AIDS or how we assist people living with HIV?

Author: N du Toit (Ds)
Language: English