First Sunday after Christmas Day


Year A (2016-2017)
Bible Book: Psalms
Chapter: 148

Psalm 148:13 Let them all praise the name of the Lord! His name is greater than all others; his glory is above earth and heaven. (Good News Bible)  

Laudate dominum coelis –all creatures in the universe praise the Lord, the Creator of heaven and earth and everything more.

Perhaps we need to be reminded about this on the first Sunday after celebrating Christmas. Here we are at the crack of a new year, dawned again by the grace of God. We might have already lost the romantic feeling of Christmas in our hearts; shepherds in the fields, watching over their sheep at night while the angel appears with such good news, news that brings great joy to all people, news of a Saviour born in Bethlehem, most exciting news which is emphasized by the realm of angels adding to the chorus of praises to God – it is as if the whole world is called to hear and bear witness to the good news.

When we read Psalm 148, it appears as though the author exhorts the celestial, terrestrial and rational creatures to come and praise God. The reason for this praise lies in His name. His name is excellent and his glory above all. The whole world is called to come and praise Him..A symphony of praise and worship, as God is the one and only, who loves and takes care of his children. He works in mysterious ways and his salvation is real.

Despite the good news that God, as creator, is the ruler of the universe and he keeps it under his authority, we sometimes feel as though we lose control. It does sometimes happen that we see no light at the end of the tunnel, just to be suddenly surprised by the love of God. Perhaps that is the challenge of the year ahead of us. That when we get despondent, we realize that God is with us all the way. He not only creates, but nurtures and takes care of us. His everlasting love is the carrier of our illness and hardships, and we discover that we are never really alone. Therefore, let us echo the angels and the shepherds and the rest of creation and praise the Lord. Let us focus on praising Him this year in everything we find ourselves doing.

In Ps 148:14 the author says: He has exalted the horn of his people, a praise for all his saints, meaning he has made his nation strong so that all his people praise Him, all who is dear to HimHe makes those strong who need and ask for Him. He desires our praise as he is worthy of it.   His name is the one and only in heaven and earth, that should be praised. He loves us. Therefore : Glory to God in the highest heaven and peace on earth to those with whom he is pleased .(Luke 2:14)

Think about the following: How much do I praise God for the fact that I am his child ?

Written By: Rev Kathleen Smith, Ned Hervormde Church, Trained CCoH Facilitator

Author: Smith K (Rev)
Language: English