Submitted by Jan on Tue, 15/11/2016 – 10:10
Christ the King Sunday, Solemnity of Christ the King
Year C (2015-2016)
Bible Book: Luke
Chapter: 23
Verse: 33 – 43

For many Christians, this last Sunday of our liturgical year, we remember and we celebrate Christ as our King. This happens right before we begin to prepare for Christmas and together share our favorite Advent stories. But for this Sunday, Jesus hangs on a cross, and it seems like it’s all over. All is lost, all our hope…is gone.

But we know the rest of this story. We know it’s not the end. This is not a failure, but rather we see our King even triumphs over sin, over death, over hopelessness. Even in this moment of what seems like “failure,” we see the saving power of God burst in.

“Jesus, remember me” is often my own prayer facing the difficulties, the challenges, the obstacles from accompanying our sisters and brothers living with HIV and affected by HIV. Some days, I just want to give up, pack up, and move on. It’s too much, I’ve done this for too long. “Jesus, remember” me becomes my mantra.

Luke is always surprising us, turning things around, making the small great, and the great small. This all culminates in a crucified King, the ultimate of all paradoxes in the Christian gospel.

And so when the burden of HIV just seems too much, the Lord speaks, “today you will be with me in paradise.” This promise is the link between ending one liturgical year, and beginning another. It is the promise that joins the many different endings of our lives with new beginnings. With the Lord, we are never forgotten. We are always remembered. “Today you will be with me in paradise” is our promise today, and every day.

To think about: “Jesus, remembers you.” How will this fact, this truth, motivate you in ministry and service?

Author: Bauer R (Fr)
Language: English