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Year C (2009-2010)
Bible Book: Luke / Lukas
Chapter: 19
Verse: 1 – 10

When I read the story of Zacchaeus I have a picture in my mind of the people of Jericho calling him all sorts of names. There goes the short guy (cf v 3). He’s so rich, he stinks. Well, it’s because he’s a tax collector (cf v 2). You know, he is one of those agents of Rome who steal from their own family (cf v 8). He is a traitor. He can’t be a true son of Abraham (cf v 9). Now, there’s someone who is a lost sinner (cf v 7, 8a and 10).

How would people who think and say such things of someone act towards him? According to verse 3 he could not manoeuvre himself through the crowd to see Jesus. Maybe they would not let him stand among them? According to verse 7 the community did not allow visitors to his house.

He must have been a lonely man.

Then Jesus came to town. And He saw Zacchaeus and talked to him – using his real name (v 5). Contrary to the town’s custom Jesus went to his house and stayed there as a guest (v 5-7).

Jesus’ visit to Zacchaeus’ house resulted in a miracle. Zacchaeus became a new man. He stood up, confessed his sins and promised restitution (v 8). Therefore Jesus declared that salvation has come to his house and that he truly was a son of Abraham (v 9).

When I read the story of Zacchaeus I wonder – what happened in this town after Jesus left? Did the people of Jericho accept Zacchaeus? Did they believe his confession? Did they embrace him as a brother-in-Abraham?

We do not know. Maybe it was on purpose that Luke did not tell us the rest. For the question is not what the people of Jericho did after Jesus left – the question is what we would have done if we had been in their shoes.

To think about or discuss: How do we react?

Author: N du Toit (Ds)
Language: English