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Year B (2011-2012)
Bible Book: 1 John / 1 Johannes
Chapter: 3
Verse: 1
Text: 1 John 3

Every human being needs love and care. We are meant to fellowship with one another, to accept one another and to support one another.
1 John 3 reminds us of our Father’s love, reaching out to us even in our state of dysfunction, without any prejudice or discrimination, loving the unlovable and building us up to be what He created us to be.

John knew that Jesus’ love for the Father motivated Him to do and say what He did for his disciples and for those around Him. John personalized that love, and so should we. John knew that Jesus, the Son of God, loved him and he knew that it was his calling as a leader chosen by God to pass that love on to others.

Central to the Book of 1John is the theme of love for God and love for one another. The apostle tells us that this is not merely a sign of Christ’s ownership of us, but that it is the actual proof of our salvation. John insists that this is the kind of love we must demonstrate in our actions, not just in words (1 John 3:18).

God loves us infinitely, beyond what we can understand, and we His children are to love Him – and one another. All believers are to be channels through which God demonstrates His amazing and undying love. Love is security and love is hope. We are to constantly reach out in practical acts of love and compassion, to remind ourselves of the love that has been given to us. After the advent of HIV, it is even more necessary to love, forgive and comfort one another.

When we love, we are ready to get dirty, ready to be in uncomfortable situations, go to unfamiliar places and willing to share our resources with others. When we love, we are ready to sacrifice our time, and other necessities, for others.

To think about:
In this hurting world that we live in, what comfort can we offer to our brothers and sisters who are hurting and uncertain of what the future might hold for them and their families?

Author: Kabey M (Ms)
Language: English