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Chapter: 14
Verse: 1 -12
Written by Romans 14:1-12

[Lectionary readings (Lesson 2) September 14, 2008, Proper 19: Revised Common (Romans 14:1-12); Roman Catholic (Romans 14:7, 9) and Episcopal (Romans 14:5-12)]
Only the Lord has the right to judge

Recently the newspapers in my country sold like hot cakes because of the story that made headlines for almost a week. It was about a judge who was being tried for corruption. He was eventually found guilty and sentenced accordingly. To many people it was a big surprise that a judge would find himself in such an unfortunate situation. The problem with the people who were surprised could be that they forget that every man is human first and judge, lawyer, etc later. As such, no one should look at himself or herself as being without fault.

Unfortunately, looking around in many of the churches one finds people who have a “holier than thou” attitude. They are so busy observing and pointing out the sins of others. It is as if they have been given the right to judge. The question in verse 4 (“Who are you to judge someone else’s servant?”) needs serious thought. We are all servants of the Lord and it is only Him (the Master) who has the right to judge us all. When we judge people we condemn them and then throw them into the dustbin. But the Bible says the Lord is able to make those who fall stand again. Hallelujah!

It is also important for everyone to realise that all of us will one day stand before God’s judgement seat (v10). Why then waste your time judging others instead of searching for yourself? This, however, does not imply that we should not warn each other. We need to warn each other and protect each other so that on the judgement day we will join Christ in the mansion He has gone to prepare. A danger sign on the road is a good example of how we should relate to one another regarding living a life acceptable to God.

With the HIV pandemic many of us have intentionally or otherwise judged those who are living with HIV. We should remember that all of us, infected or not, are servants of the Lord. As servants of the Lord, we have no right to judge one another because we all have one Master.
To think about (or discuss): How am I as an individual and my church responding to those living with and affected by HIV and Aids? What are we doing to fight the judgemental attitude towards those infected?

John goes on to say: “May our worship this week immerse us in the depths of God, and fill us with the power of God’s Holy Spirit.” I pray that this is true for you and that this gives you the power to dream new dreams as God’s partner in 2016.

To think about: What seemingly impossible task could you attempt this week if you do it with the understanding that you are partnering with God?

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