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Year A (2010-2011)
Bible Book: Exodus / Eksodus
Chapter: 12
Verse: 1 – 12
Text: Eksodus 12: 1-12

The events we read about here are very precious to every believer. The Afrikaans “Bybel in Praktyk” gives a short summary of the events which I would like to share with you.

Passover, just like circumcision, was a well known pagan custom. Every spring, before stock farmers moved their flocks to beter pastures, a lamb was slaughtered and its blood smeared on the tent poles to protect the young lambs from evil spirits.

With the exodus from Egypt, this pagan festival developed a new meaning. From this time onwards, Passover would become a remembrance festival for Israel. They could think back on their salvation, their deliverance out of Egypt and the blood of the Passover lamb that stopped the angel of death during the last plague (the death of first born sons). The blood of the lamb caused the angel to pass by the houses of Israel.

Passover therefore truly became a spring festival, during which they started their journey to a new homeland. But Passover was closely linked to the plagues. The last plague, the high point of these events, led tot the establishment of Passover. After the death of the firstborns, the pharaoh gave permission for Israel to leave. Without any action from the people of Israel, God saved them through a miracle. To celebrate this wonderful day of deliverance and exodus, Israel was instructed to celebrate Passover every year.

In the time of the New Testament, Passover again obtained a new meaning, referring to the resurrection of Jesus Christ from death. Through the death of Christ, the new life, the eternal life became possible for us. According to the New Testament, Jesus is the Passover lamb. “For Christ, our Passover lamb, has been sacrificed.”1Cor 5:7)

As the blood of the Passover lamb kept the angel of death from the homes of Israel, so the death of Jesus (His blood) protects us from death; as the festival of Passover was the festival of new life, a new harvest, so the Passover festival (Easter) in the New Testament is the festival of new life.

The Jewish Passover festival of the Old Testament is now replaced by communion, which for Christian believers is the sign of eternal life, of new life, of the wonder of resurrection.

Like Passover, communion becomes a sign of God’s ability to save us. Like Jahwe overcame Ra in Egypt, Jesus overcame Satan through His death and resurrection.

We, as New Testament believers can now celebrate Passover with the Israelites of old. Passover has to do with CELEBRATION and REMEMBRANCE. Let us remember this today when we struggle ahead, maybe suffering and in physical pain. Let us celebrate the life Christ holds before us, and draw on His strength that keeps us standing. Let us remember: God is good, also to me.

Author: Smith K (Rev)
Language: English