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Second Sunday of Advent
Year B (2017-2018)
Bible Book: Isaiah
Chapter: 40
Verse: 1 – 11

Earthquakes, hurricanes,
Tornados, floods, devastation, death and
houses devoid of leadership.

People are crying
And people are afraid.

People are crying:
Black lives matter!

People are crying
Stop AIDS! Keep the Promise:

People are crying:
Obamacare, Affordable care, just care!!!

People are crying
Thursdays in Black: no more rape, no more violence!!!

Does anybody care?

We, all humankind living with HIV, and racism, and sexism, genderisms, and whatever “ism” humankind is crying about has been forever in the existence of this planet.
This is true.
And we all care about our specific cause…we all cry about our specific cause.

I sometimes wonder if that is the problem: that we don’t put our own causes down and walk in someone else’s shoes for awhile, or help someone walk in the shoes they have.

If we shared each others burdens, you know?
If we cried for and with each other…
We’ve come such a long way, but it seems we backslide..
we gain ground with one group of people,
only to direct our attention and most times, venom on another group.

Dang! Even the rich and powerful cry!
They cry for better and more.
They cry louder than the weak, the humble, the poor.
They cry to keep what they have. THAT is their cause!
To stay on top, on the back of those who are only able to bend and whimper under the pressure.
Mother earth cries under the pressure of the negativity of humanity
The oceans spill over, mountains crumble and bldgs crash!

People are crying:
Comfort them!
People are crying:
Comfort them!
Comfort them!

Well God, I think, I just can’t comfort anymore.
Do you feel that way of late?
That you have no comfort to give?
It’s all used up.

I am a long term survivor.
29 years living under the oppression of the medications that keep me alive
I am a long term survivor
living with the aid of a pacemaker and defibrillator
I am a long term survivor
My heart is only operating at 20%
I am a long term survivor –

Speak tenderly to MY heart
Speak tenderly to the hearts of those who shudder,
Whose bodies are barely hanging on.
Speak tenderly to the hearts of those who tremble,
and fall as buildings in a quake.
Speak tenderly to the hearts of those whose faith floods them with doubt.
Speak tenderly to Mother Earth – she’s a long term survivor too!

We are all long term survivors
We all need long term care.
Tender care.

Cry out! Says our God
And I don’t know what to say
To those who are experiencing hard times
I don’t know what to say to myself….

What. Shall. I. Cry?
We are like grass and we wither away…
What. Shall. I. Cry?
Flowers fall, bldgs fall, we fall..

But …. the word of our God lasts forever.

The word of God’s hope lasts forever!
The word of God’s peace lasts forever!
The words of God’s love last forever!
The words of God’s grace and mercy last forever!

When the machinations of this world take away our breath
And make us fear…
Know that in the end,
God will have the last word.

Crying will be over.
Suffering will be over.
Fear will be over.

Gods last word will be forever

God will cry out: It is finished.

Just you wait and see!

Written By: Andrena Ingram, Reverend -Currently Disabled in Body

Author: Ingram A (Past.)
Language: English