Third Sunday after the Epiphany


Year B (2017-2018)
Bible Book: Psalms
Chapter: 62
Verse: 5
Verse (to): 12
Ps 62:11-12 (NLT)
V11  God has spoken plainly,
And I have heard it many times:
Power, O God, belongs to you;
V12  unfailing love, O Lord, is yours.  …

The reading today is from the book of Psalms chapter 62.  The author of this Psalm is David.  This is a beautiful song of trust in God; a reminder that when you are weak God is strong; when you feel defenseless and exposed, God is your protector and your help in time of need.

David is alone and vulnerable as he faces threats from his enemies who are plotting to kill him; they spread lies about him in order to disgrace him as they seek to destroy him; he laments the way he has been betrayed.

Are you in a place of fear? Or helplessness?  Are you hurting?  David writes in Psalm 62:4 ‘… They praise me to my face but curse me in their hearts’ (NLT).  Friend, you are not alone.  Follow David’s advice in verse 5: ‘Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him.’  Find rest and peace in God; deliverance from hardship, protection from your enemies, strength in the midst of the storm can only be found in your intimacy with the One who created you.  Be secure and confident in the salvation of the Lord.

Suffering and the struggle against injustice can become giants in your daily life, draining your strength and courage; turn to your Saviour who gives you rest and restores you.  Find encouragement in the picture David paints in verse 9 when he says that if God were to weigh the powerful and the weak on a scale, they would, together, weigh less than a breath of air.   Human power and wealth do not compare to God’s power.  In the same way, human love cannot be compared to God’s unfailing love.  You are accepted and loved; God will not betray you.  In this world you may face discrimination, rejection and even oppression inflicted by others; you may feel lonely and battered.  Turn to God for affirmation and courage; lift up your eyes to the One who protects you and accepts you as you are; rise up and live to the fullest the life you have been given; and as you pray and trust God, you will be empowered and see the deliverance of the Lord, just as David did.

To think about:

Meditate on God’s power and unfailing love.  Write down two or three occasions in your life when you felt abandoned or betrayed and alone.  Did you remember to rest in God?  To wait in silence for God?  What was the outcome? And what would you do differently?

Perhaps you are going through a time of weakness and suffering right now.  Draw closer to God.  Write down your thoughts and feelings as you pray and read again Psalm 62.

Written By: Pastor, Xana McCauley, Rhema Hands of Compassion.

Author: McCauley X (Past)
Language: English