Year B (2014-2015)
Bible Book: John / Johannes
Chapter: 17
Verse: 6
Verse (to): 19

People who represent their countries in foreign countries as ambassadors or high commissioners – as the case may be – have a very difficult task. The challenges of the task are determined by how other countries view the country one is representing. You and I have heard or watched these ambassadors or high commissioners defend what, in normal circumstances, should not be defended.

There are countries that have terrible human rights records and yet the ambassador or high commissioner will always try their best to portray a different picture. They do not reflect the true situation of their countries, but rather what their countries ought to be. You will agree with me that doing so is an enormous task that requires a lot of energy.

I would like us Christians to look at ourselves as Christ’s ambassadors (which we in fact are). While the ambassadors who represent their countries in foreign lands have to, most of the times, defend the indefensible, all we have to do is to reflect the glory of our “Sending Master”, the Lord Jesus Christ (John 17:10).

Reflectors have an easier function, because they do not have to be what they are not. They just have to be willing to show back what has come to them, or what they have received. You will agree with me that this is easier than having to show something different, as is the case with the country ambassadors or high commissioners.

Have you ever imagined what would happen to an ambassador or high commissioner who would dare to tell the truth about their country? For example, what would happen to such a person if they said that indeed their country had a bad human rights record? I have no doubt they would be given the usual “48 hours” to be back home, to be not just dismissed but “disciplined” as well. The world would also criticize such a person as being insensitive, despite the fact that what they said was true.

As Christians we have regularly failed to reflect God’s glory. We have not been brave enough to challenge the injustices that happen in our communities. We have allowed the world to abuse women and children, discriminate against those living with HIV and AIDS, silence the voiceless, write off the less privileged and put labels on others because we are afraid of what others would say if we stood up. May we learn to reflect God’s glory by standing up for the truth.

To think about: Is my life reflecting God’s glory in this world of in equality?

Author: Khanyanga L (Rev)
Language: English