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Year A (2010-2011)
Bible Book: Deuteronomy / Deuteronomium
Chapter: 4
Verse: 32 – 40

CABSA is preparing to celebrate our tenth anniversary the weekend of 3-5 June. Therefore we are very aware of God’s mercies through these ten years. With reference to Psalm 66 I share with you this (modified) Bible message on Deut 4 that has been sent in May 2008:

When we read the book Deuteronomy it is important to remember that the book presents us with a situation where the history of Israel was at a turning point. Behind them was the history of how God delivered them from Egypt. Before them was the entrance into the Promised Land.

Moses calls upon the Israelites to examine their history carefully, to remember what had happened and to discover that this Lord who saved them is the true, unique and wonderful God. Similarly our own journeys call upon us to look back, to remember and to discover that the Lord is the true, unique and wonderful God.

For people living with HIV and for those who have buried loved ones due to AIDS our text has solace. In Deuteronomy Moses is preaching to people who have travelled through a desert. For 40 years! To them he says: Think back and remember how God was! Even in the wilderness God revealed himself as the God who cares. Therefore we can now know that God is a wonderful God – even for those whose lives have become like a journey through the wilderness.

Every Sunday proclaims to us: remember what God has done, realise who God is and live every day of the week as his children. Because God will be with us in the coming days we can acknowledge one another’s pain and be there for each other.

To think about (or discuss): Was there a specific time in your life that you have found new courage through discovering what God has done for you? Thank God for his faithfulness.

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Author: N du Toit (Ds)
Language: English