Year B (2011-2012)
Bible Book: Ephesians / Efesiërs
Chapter: 3
Verse: 14 – 21
Text: Ephesians 3:14-21

The power of love is amazing. A young boy or girl in love (not infatuation) may do strange things that leave parents confused. Love for Christ may also lead someone to do things that will leave others “confused”. The book of Ephesians describes one such experience.

Imagine leaving your job – a job where everyone holds you highly. When your name is mentioned colleagues and outsiders tremble. You are so trusted that when there is a very important and difficult exercise, you are the person the boss calls upon. While at the peak of your profession, a different employer calls you to start working for him. You accept the offer. Your new colleagues refuse to accept you as a real member of the team. They suspect that you are spying for your former boss. You come into the new job with plenty of zeal and work with dedication. Unfortunately, while serving the new master, you get into trouble because of your commitment. What would you say about the new boss? I guess most of us would be angry with the new boss and speak ill of him. It would be very easy to think that the new boss simply wanted to spoil your career because of jealousy.

One man stands out by behaving differently after getting into a scenario similar to what I have described. This man is no other than Paul. Before being called by Jesus Christ, Paul worked tirelessly to stop the spread of the gospel. After being called on the road to Damascus, he worked tirelessly to spread the gospel. This landed him into trouble on several occasions. However, instead of being angry and speaking ill of his new Master, Paul does the unexpected. When praying, he kneels to show total reverence, which is the result of his love for Christ (verse 14). Paul says that without love for Christ, one cannot comprehend the love of Christ. If we are going to have some understanding of the love of Christ, we need to love Christ.

The love of Christ surpasses knowledge in all its dimensions (width, length, height and depth). Imagine a world where everyone showed love whose length, width, height and depth were immeasurable! Unfortunately, the majority of us show love that lacks one or more of the dimensions. It could be wide enough, high enough, and long enough but not deep enough or the other way round.

To think about: How could love that covers all dimensions change the impact of HIV and AIDS?

Author: Khanyanga L (Rev)
Language: English