Bible Book: Romans / Romeine
Chapter: 6
Verse: 12
Verse (to): 23


Romans 6:12-23

After describing our deliverance from slavery to sin through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in verses 1-11 Paul now comes to the practical implications of this new life. According to verse 12 it is about what we do with our bodies.
The challenge of a life according to the principle of salvation is to use the members of our bodies as instruments that serve God (verse 13). This thought is repeated in verse 19.
It is quite remarkable that Paul uses this physical language in this chapter. And it is furthermore significant that he does not only refer to our bodies and limbs in negative terms as instruments that can be used to sin, but also positively as instruments that should serve Gods righteousness.
Someone has rightfully pointed out that in this way Paul introduces a positive evaluation of our bodies.
Why do we have bodies? Do we have hands to hurt others violently? Do we have fingers to point to the faults of others? Do we have a voice to humiliate people with our condemnatory remarks? Do we have eyes to look down on our neighbour?
Why do we have bodies? Every limb is intended as an instrument of righteousness, Paul exclaims in verse 13. Our hands are intended to help those who have stumbled. Our eyes to see the outsiders. Our voices to speak out on behalf of the less fortunate.
Therefore victory over sin is not only about NOT using your body – it is about USING your body “to do what is right for the glory of God” (verses 13 NLT).
To think about (or discuss): How does your faith help you to have a positive mindset about your body?
Author: N du Toit (Ds)
Language: English