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Year C (2012-2013)
Bible Book: Luke / Lukas
Chapter: 12
Verse: 13 – 21

In the hustle and bustle of life around us, we tend to hear only the complaints, see the competiveness around us and join the rat race, often ignoring the still small voice of our Lord Jesus Christ that admonishes us to serve others and help others along the journey of life, especially in the challenges surrounding the aftermath of HIV and AIDS.

Upon reflecting on Luke 12:13-21, I was really touched and I invite you to walk this journey with me. The parable of the rich man who did not acknowledge God and was full of his own achievement reminds me of a group of boys in my neighbourhood. These boys were very adventurous and full of life, one of them was very much larger than others and he knew it. He used to push others around and often got his way at the expense of others. He had some followers who looked up to him. They nicknamed him Pushy and nobody really remembered his real name.

One day they decided to climb up a steep mountain slope in our neighborhood. Pushy, as usual wanted to be the first so that others could follow him. On the way down, he hurried to the front,he did not know the terrain well and he missed his footing and could not get his way out. He hung on to a cliff and cried like a baby, until a small boy that Pushy often bullied came to guide him and showed him the way out and an easier path down the mountain. Others were laughing at his downfall but the small boy was at his side to comfort him. From that day, Pushy lost his rowdiness and was more helpful to others.

How often do we take our good health for granted, those of us who are not infected? How often do we think it is because we eat good food, we have good homes and we are ‘ good christians ‘ that we are not affected by all this moral decay, as we view others who are affected, infected and afflicted by HIV. It is time to take a sober look at life and let us remember that we are born to serve others, by practical acts of compassion and love. Just reaching out to somebody in need goes a long way to provide hope and light in sombody’ life. Let us be determined to make a difference in someone’s life. I believe that the Lord is calling us not to be selfish but rather serve others and to give comfort. Further reflection; Jeremiah 17:11, Job 27:8. It is folly to lay up and hoard possessions for ourselves and we are not rich in relationships. Let us remember that we need one another to live.

Let us continue to reflect on these verses and may the Lord continue to point out to us how we can be beacons of hope. Written by: Mareen Kabey, CABSA Representative Lesotho, CCoH Facilitator

Author: Kabey M (Ms)
Language: English